The objective of the WOODRUB project is the development, testing and demonstration of innovative environmental friendly products made from recycled wood and recycled rubber from tyres. With this innovative products conventional construction materials will be designed and demonstrated to the different stakeholder groups.        
The development of this new product will first be done on laboratory scale, following upscaling processes will be carried out in order to develop and design the wood-rubber composite prototypes. From the developed products an eco friendliness study will be carried out and LCA study done. The products made from recycled wood and recycled rubber will be compared with other conventional building materials and other end of life routes of waste wood and waste rubber.

Expected results:

The main expected output results are:
•    A complete state of the art about the quantities and qualities of recovered wood and rubber in Europe.
•    A strengthened the linkages among waste wood and rubber suppliers – users in Europe.
•    State of art of processing technique for recovered wood and waste rubber.
•    Functionality of recovered wood-rubber/tyre-bonding systems defined and established.
•    Processing technologies and novel composites developed.
•    Upscaled production processes defined and prototype behaviour guidelines for manufacturing defined.
•    New innovative wood-rubber components characterised for real life application are designed and promoted in      real life to the interested stakeholders.
•    Life Cycle Impact Assessment results, cost values and eco-efficiency rates are calculated. Main      conclusions on environmental and mechanical, functional behaviour.
•    Successful dissemination of the results at interregional conferences and meetings.