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New files to be consulted in WoodRub website  [09/02/2015]
Consult them in:

- Impact and After-Life Communication Plan
- Final Report Published
- D1 1 Report on the analysis of the theoretical and practical state of the art
- D1 2 Prac...
Aserma presenta el informe de gestión de biomasas de madera recuperadas  [06/11/2012]
La Asociación Española de Gestores de Biomasas de Madera Recuperadas, ASERMA, representa a las empresas logísticas que se responsabilizan y gestionan biomasas de madera recuperadas en España. Además también representa a empr...
Wood recycling sector makes real progress  [14/06/2012]
The UK is recycling an ever-increasing proportion of wood waste and moving towards a situation where all wood ‘waste’ is becoming a ‘resource’.
This is the finding from TRADA’s latest Wood Information Sheet (WIS) Recove...
Ecoboletín nº49 WOODRUB development  [23/03/2012]
Revista electrónica Marzo 2012

AIDIMA- Ecoboletín 48 - revista electronica- Noviembre 2011  [29/11/2011]
WoodRub article in Electronic magazine - Ecoboletin